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20 details of decorate and design an optical shop

20 details tell you how do design your store

In today’s society, glasses are not only the original function, also a must-have for many fashion items.So opening an optical shop has become a trend.But business positioning is the most important. When you want to open an optical shop, you must make a comprehensive plan, and store decoration and design are particularly important.

The operating characteristics of the optical shop, in the formation of a unique style, must also be considered comprehensively, that is the audience group, the service standard, and the positioning of the grade. When decorating an optical shop, the design should reflect the same characteristics as the clothing, and the goal of the decoration should be clear and the quality should be reliable. The details of the precautions for the decoration of the optical shop are also the focus of the decoration. Generally speaking, an optical shop needs to be renovated at least once every 3-5 years, so the decoration and design of the optical shop is particularly important.

There are many places that need to be paid attention to during the decoration. Some details are easily overlooked which will cause a lot of trouble in the later stage.which is very annoying and may also reduce the image of the store. We summarize the following points based on years of experience and hope to help friends who will be renovating.

1.Choose the right floor

It is not suitable to use the wooden floor for the decoration of the optical shop, because the wooden floor is afraid of water, it is not easy to clean, and it will be very troublesome to clean.

2.Good visual of window

If there is a glass floor-to-ceiling window at the entrance of the optical shop, if you need to make a counter at this time, the counter should not be made too high. If it is made too high, it will block the customer’s sight, which is not conducive to the customer’s overall observation of the store.

3.Enough space for walking

In the design counter in the optical shop, if there is a middle island cabinet or a low cabinet, you should pay attention to retaining the passage between the cabinet and the high cabinet against the wall, generally not less than 1.2 meters. In particular, leave enough space for wheelchairs to pass through.

4.Height of counters

The design height of the low cabinet of the optical shop should not exceed 1 meter, because if the design exceeds 1 meter, it is not convenient to store the goods, and the design concept of the bottom cabinet is not only the space for storing the goods, but also considering that the customer sits at the counter Convenient and won’t bump your knees.

5.kick of counter

It is best not to directly touch the ground under the counter box. We use plywood to make 50-100mm skirting at the bottom of the counter with stainless steel for decoration. The counter is easy to get wet if direct on floor which will accelerate the service life of the cabinet and be easily damaged. However, the moisture resistance of the plywood is very good. and the stainless steel can better protect counter

6. Light of store

How to installing the lighting fixtures on the top of the optical shop?the direct light of the light source and the distance of the counter should be considered from the overall consideration, so as to achieve a bright and clear effect.

7.Height of Middle Island

Middle cabinet should be used for the shelf display part of the double-sided glasses display cabinet.the proper height of the props should be considered, so that there will be no abruptness.

8.Showcase Location Design

When designing a sunglasses display cabinet, it is best to design it in one area regardless of the grade. If this is concentrated in one area, it is convenient for customers to choose.

Contact lenses and lotion products should be co-located with the contact area, also for the convenience of the customer.

9.Switch of Store

  • Regardless of the optometry room, the processing room should adopt a separate power control switch.

10.Music Atmosphere

  • It is best to have speakers that can play music both inside and outside the store. If the ceiling space allows, you can install the speakers on the top.


  • The storefront wall should to face the foyer, and place the front end of the image wall at the cashier. Create a detailed logo image.
  • The Optometry’s length should not be less than 5m,and width should not be less than 1.8 meters.
  • ensure that the combined optometry equipment can be placed.
  • The Wall cabinet‘s LOGO is preferably made of acrylic material, different product brands are marked in different product areas.
  •  If space allows, be sure to design a rest area in the storefront.

12.Color Design

  • Showcase design combining up to 3-5 colors and white for display area.
  • Too many colors are complicated,but if the color is single, it will make the store unattractive.

13.About Electricity

  • When designing the processing room, it should not exceed 0.9 meters, sockets should be installed above the processing table. It is convenient for processing machines to use electricity.

14 .Safe of all Elextricity

  • In all areas of store decoration, electricity safety must be reasonably considered.All lamps and wires we use are certified

15.Light Box

Some light box posters can be designed in the store to promote the season and increase the brand image。

16.The Importance of Mirrors

  • The design of the wall cabinet should be combined with a mirror, which is convenient for guests to try on. It also increases the sense of space in the store

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when decorating. no matter how much you need to consider. this is not only responsible for the store, but also responsible for yourself, so that the store has a better development is correct. It is very important to choose an experienced design company.Bonnie +8618056771588 ,Professional production engineering help you to make Store Design




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